CX2SN13-60 WITH SSC13-60

CS2P13-65 WITH SSC13-65

Each one size of SSD closed end covers are for all units. However, SSC open covers have different bore sizes for CX (SN & SAF) units from CS & CXC units. CX inserts are one size bigger than CS & CXC inserts to accomodate with the standard adapter sleeves. Please check in detail at

Installing SSC covers is very simple.

1. Make sure that the shaft is dry and free from grease or oil.

2. Lubricate the lip of the V-ring with a thin film of grease or silicone oil.

3. Slide V-ring along the shaft by applying pressure and rotating shaft by hand.




The backside of Saniline

The backside of Saniline

Do you want to see the backside of the Saniline units?
Please click on any of the images of Saniline on the catalog page.

Our Saniline housings have the bearing slots in front for attaching our safety covers and we don’t want them in the back of housing at the same time. Our safety covers are very easy to install and uninstall by hand, the bearing slots facing forward are easily washed out.

The bearing slots of standard bearing units are on the backside of housing and they can be contamination harbor points because of the difficulty to wash them out.

New steel end covers

New steel end covers

Our Cathodic electrodeposition (CED) coating for our steel covers has excellent corrosion resistance and is environmentally friendly.  The laser marking however doesn’t have that same corrosion resistance.  As we don’t like to see the rusted sea turtle logo on the cover we changed it to a pressed logo of COC.  The sea turtle logo is just a bit too complicated for a pressed mold.