We are pleased to present spherical roller bearing units with innovative new designs and features to handle the world’s toughest power transmission needs.

COC Spherical Roller Bearing Units

Our new adapter locking system with SN & SAF dimension housings is a unitized replacement for standard SN & SAF split housing units. It’s a great off-the-shelf solution that you can save time and money.

100% interchangeable with competitive SN & SAF products. Our SRB units are shaft ready and are factory sealed, pre-lubricated, and assembled.

Seal lips contact evenly at any angle.

COC Spherical Roller Bearing Units

Contact Seal Protection

COC double-row spherical roller bearings have a unique sealing design that protects from contaminants. This triple-lip full contact seal has low friction and maintains full contact even misaligned as below. The corrosion resistant stainless steel flinger protects the seal. It’s extremely effective for dirty and wet environments.

3000 hour Dust Protection Test

  • COC Seals (No Ingress) 100% 100%
  • COMPETITORS’ NON MISALIGNED SEALS (stopped at 900 hours) 30% 30%

Labyrinth Seal

Labyrinth seals without rubber lips are available for higher speeds and temperatures. Labyrinth seals reduce operating temperatures at higher speeds.


Our lithium complex grease has good EP & AW,  water resistance and anti-oxygenic properties. It has also good shear stability. It can be used for a wide temperature range from -20°C (-4°F) to +160°C (+320°F), and up to +200°C (+392°F) for short periods.

Easy to mount
Easy to dismount


CROSSLOC™ CX insert is for SN and SAF unitized housings.



CROSSLOC™ CXC insert is for the same housings of CS units.


The CS insert has a concentric locking collar and nylon patched setscrews at 90° providing extra holding power.

Non-expansion to Expansion

When your application needs to be able to accommodate thermal expansion of the shafting, use only one fixed bearing on each shaft.

By simply moving a snap ring on the back of the unit the bearing can easily be converted from non-expansion to expansion or vice versa.

Scan it on site


Connect from anywhere.
Scan the QR code on the housing with your phone. You can check the dimensions and installation videos on site.

Every QR code contains the individual serial number to use our warranty.

Our QR code label on the housing is durable and resists temperatures up to 600℃ (1,112°F).