COC bearings finally crosses the Pacific Ocean to the United States.
Serving the next generation of bearing products throughout the country.

Engineered for a longer life.
A brand new design

Hammer & LOCKNUT

vs. Hex Key & CROSSLOC™

Engineers agree the best bearing mounting is gained through the use of a tapered adapter sleeve. It clamps centrally and eliminates vibration without any damage to the shaft. It also provides the maximum grip force from 360 degrees of clamping along the length of the sleeve.

Our competitor’s locknut is very difficult to tighten using their instructions, sometimes even impossible. This often leads to improper installation by encouraging the use of a drift pin and hammer.

CROSSLOC™ locking system is simple and fast. Tighten cap screws with a hex key in a star pattern. This is the easiest way to lock with an adapter sleeve for uniform force over our larger clamping surface.

Compatible with Dodge ISAF and IP units.

Engineered for food safety.
A brand new design


COC 100% stainless steel washdown ball bearing units have achieved IP69Kcertification and our relubrication-free solution for food safety programs. Our new concentric OCCLOC™, 8 slot locking system doesn’t damage shafting and is easy to mount and dismount. It has great holding power even with undersized commercial shafting. Standard stainless steel setscrews are too soft to hold the hardened shafting and can slip.

Stand off units are available.

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