CXC4EP13-208 (E)


  1. Check all cap screws are freed.
  2. Tighten cap screws in a star pattern. Repeat.
  3. When using a torque wrench, tighten each cap screw to the appropriate torque value above.

Note: The outside nut should move parallel to the inside nut to avoid the cap screws twisting and getting damaged. This is why the cap screws are tightened in a star pattern and repeated. You may need to repeat this several times to tighten all the cap screws perfectly, this is a very standard way as seen with automobile wheels.


  1. Loosen all cap screws unitl they are freed.
  2. Turn cap screws counterclockwise in a star pattern and repeat until dismounted.


Recommended Shaft Tolerance : -0.004 in. / -0.102 mm

When the shaft is smaller than above, you can try below.

1. Loosen the CROSSLOC™ CXC two nut locking system and take off from the unit. (Take care not to change the clearance between the nuts.)

2. Loosen the sleeve until you can see a couple threads inside the nut.

3. Put the CROSSLOC™ CXC two nut locking system back on the bearing.

Speed Limits (rpm)

Recommended Number of Months Between Relubrication

(Based on Operating Speed (rpm) and Continuous Operations)